Mark A. Jacobson, MD, is a professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco and an attending physician at San Francisco General Hospital. He began his internship in 1981, just days after the CDC first reported a mysterious, fatal disease affecting gay men. Dr. Jacobson is a clinician, educator, and researcher who has specialized in HIV/AIDS and its complications since joining the UCSF faculty in 1986. His earlier career involved developing effective treatments for AIDS-associated opportunistic infections. His subsequent research investigated protective immunity against chronic viral infections, in particular cytomegalovirus (CMV). He currently directs urgent care medical services for the Ward 86 HIV clinic at San Francisco General Hospital and is the editor for the Ward 86 Medical Management Recommendations posted on UCSF’s HIV InSite website. More information about Dr. Jacobson is available at UCSF faculty Sensing Light, published by Ulysses Press, is his first work of fiction.