“A compassionate, intelligent novel, part medical thriller. Only someone there at the start could've written it.”  
—Bill Barich, Big Dreams: Into the Heart of California

Three doctors meet at the onset of the AIDS epidemic

This breakout book by Mark A. Jacobson, a leading Bay Area HIV/AIDS physician, follows three people from vastly different backgrounds, who are thrown together by a shared urgency to find out what is killing so many men in the prime of their lives. Kevin, a gay medical resident from working class Boston, has moved to San Francisco in search of acceptance of his sexual identity. Herb, a middle-aged supervising physician at one of the nation's toughest hospitals, struggles with his own emotional rigidity. And Gwen, a divorced mother raising a teen daughter, is seeking a sense of self and security while endeavoring to complete her medical training.

Sensing Light
by Mark A. Jacobson
Published by Ulysses Press
Available June 23, 2016

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